A message to the participants of the Oromo Leadership Convention in Atlanta

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By Berhanu Gutema Balcha (PhD)

We follow very closely your vigorous and enduring efforts to advance the Oromo people’s struggle. There is always less costly and less time consuming road to victory. On the contrary, very huge sacrifices and terrible losses can make the victory pointless. “A Pyrrhic victory is a victory that inflicts such a devastating toll on the victor that it is tantamount to defeat”. Great leaders are willing to compromise to save the people, and we hope that the 12. November 2016 the Oromo Leadership Convention in Atlanta will aim to suggest a better and less costly road to victory for all in Ethiopia. “The means by which we achieve victory are as important as the victory itself.”

Many people hope that it is possible to formulate a mainstream political agenda for the Oromo people that can help to build trustworthy and effective cooperation with other non-Oromo political groups in Ethiopia. Trustworthy and effective cooperation will create synergy in the anti-TPLF struggle. However, it is very difficult to accommodate extreme objectives in a mainstream political agenda. Accommodating an extreme goal in the mainstream political agenda can create a risk to make a vague and ambiguous political agenda such as “self-determination”, “up to secession”, “referendum” etc., which could not attract any meaningful and trustworthy cooperation with other non-Oromo political groups. People under subjugations have unconditional rights to struggle in whatever way possible, whether it is agreed or not. So it is not essential now to have an agreement with other horizontal non-Oromo political groups about how to solve probable subjugations in the future. No one is forced to live under subjugation that whether there is an agreement or not.

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  1. This is a full blown attempt to shut the conversation before it starts. First, we didn’t need to see your name all the way to your grandfathers’ for you to claim you’re Oromo and spill cold water on the Oromo cause.
    Also, whatever the participants and the Oromo people in general think is best for them, they will get and don’t need permission from someone else. And besides, who are you to claim some views are extreme and some are not?

  2. What about the controversial word like unity ,sovereignty and Ethiopian identity? While the words that represent people’s right withheld the words used to play as a rule for discrimination and subjugation will continue as usual?

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