A Man Hacks His Girlfriend To Death In Addis Abeba

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[ Debirhan ] Nov. 7, 2015
A man has reportedly hacked his girlfriend to death in Addis Abeba on Monday November 2, 2015, according to Tadias Addis Radio Show of Sheger FM 1o2.  This incident comes amid growing campaigns against violence on women.
The man is said to be from the Akaki Subcity of Addis Abeba and the victim is reportedly from Adama. The Radio said the suspect and the deceased were socializing in Capital Hotel, Akaki “In a private room that they were socializing, he slaughtered the girl in a gruesome manner.”
The suspect said he committed the act because he was jealous of her and because he thinks she is not loyal.
He reportedly hacked his girlfriend using a so-called Chinese knife, widely available in Addis.
The suspect is now under police custody.

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