A Day Before WHO Vote, Protests Erupt in Geneva Against Ethiopia’s Candidate Dr. Tedros

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ainst Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus outside U.N. offices came at the start of a 10-day meeting of the World Health Organization’s governing body, which will elect its next director-general on Tuesday.

Ghebreysus is competing against Britain’s David Nabarro and Sania Nishtar of Pakistan for the five-year post. Dr. Margaret Chan is leaving after a decade in the job.

An Ethiopian human rights task force distributed fliers accusing Ghebreysus of being an “agent” of “one of the most brutal repressive regimes in the world.”

The demonstrators shouted “Tedros is a killer!” and other chants. One demonstrator shouted his opposition from a balcony inside the hall before Chan was to speak.

Source-  De Birhan
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  1. Dr. Tedros made a huge mistake when he joined the TPLF group. It’s true he wouldn’t have risen up in the ladder of power had he stayed out. But it would have been better for him to stay poor and clean than to become rich and be responsible for heinous crimes the TPLF is committing.

    I am not sure if the Doctor really aspires for the WHO post more than taking it as a good reason to stay out of the volatile country. The resent uprising in Ethiopia has sent an awakening signal to regime officials. Those who have illicitly amassed treasure are fleeing out of the country before the next popular eruption takes place. Scared of violent reprisal from an angry mob Tigrians, which the ruling party came from, are selling their properties, some have already moved their families out of the hostile regions.

    No doubt, officials like Hailemariam Desalegn, and many like him, wish to leave now before its late.

  2. ወደድንም ጠላንም መመረጡ አይቀርም። ግብረሰዶምን ህግ አፍሪካን አገር ሁሉ አንቀበልም ብለው ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ ሲወጡ በእኛ አገር ተቃውሞውን ያስቆመው ይሄ ዶክተር ቴድሮስ ነው። አሁንም በአፍሪካ ውስጥ ለማስፋፋት ጥሩ ድልድይ የሚሆን እሱ እና እሱ ብቻ ነው። ዛሬ በአገራችን ባንዲራቸው በዣንጥላ መልክ በየቦታው እረ በፊልም ላይ ሁሉ ይታያል።እና ለማንኛውም የእሱ መመረጥ አፍሪካን እጅ ለመጠምዘዝ ይረዳል። ወደፊት እናያለን

  3. To be adult or to graduate
    This means to reason out with what ever kweldge exist in theworld.otherwise we became ‘nothingness’. To be left out in the dark is not good gor every thing. One has every right to go against any thing sacred but he has yo respect the unity of people .the auther her lacks moral responsibility to attack tedros .it is the rational he did

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