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A Call to Ethiopians from Marginalized Minorities: Can You Hear Us? | Video

by Zehabesha.com
The Majangir people of Gambella are among the most marginalized of minority groups in Ethiopia. Binyam will address the problems facing minorities when mainstream groups do not speak up for them or include them, often making them even more vulnerable. He will challenge larger, mainstream groups to stand together for the well being of all people as essential in a healthy society.


  1. Yes ! We are civilizing the Gambellas.
    Good progress in Gambella this days.
    26 years ago Visited Gambella, back then most people in Gambella were naked and had no cloth ( Mostly unciviliz people) , today of course Gambella people were clothed with attire and there is highbschool, colleges and the children Gambella now attending school and Gambellas were more civilized and they do not run around naked, and that is what I call advancement.

  2. Hirut:
    New Campaign:
    We need to de-legimatize the regime (TPLF) in the eyes of Ethiopians and the international community particularly Washington and London as quickly as possible.
    To achieve this, some of the relevant actions to be taken are: (1) de-legitimatizeingthe Ethiopian Embassies in Washington DC and London by occupying them by non-violent activists residing in the cities and surroundings,
    (2) to de-legitimize Adhanom’s portolia as a foreign minister anywhere in the world ,
    (3) Demand the resignation of the regime including regional (kilil) parlaments, and
    (4) Blocking the roads such as:
    (a) from humera to Gondar, to Dasha, and to Himora,
    (b) From Gondar to Shire, to Akum, to Adwa, to Adigrat, to Mekele,
    (c) From Mekele to Ambalage, to Machew, to Alamata, to Mersa, to Hayk, to Dessie, to Kombolcha, to Shewa Robit, and to Debre Birhan,
    (d) From Gondar to Bahir Dar,
    (e) from Bahir Dar to Debre Markose, to Bure, and to Kombolcha,
    (f) From Djibouti to Kombolcha (Wollo), to Alamata via Mersa and to Awash via Gewan ,
    (g) Regarding Isolating Ethiopia from Barabara: Block road from Jijiga to Harar, to Dire Dawa, to Karamile, Asbe Teferi, to Meison, to Awash, to Adama, and to Bishoftu,
    (h) Block all roads entering to Addis ababa from Oromya, and
    (i) block all roads linking regional states to oromya … for weeks every 3 or 6 months ….
    The solutions for freedom and democracy including your future fate is in your hands. The regime is lighter than a feather of a bird. Peoples’ Power Much More Powerful than Dictators’ Power. When we do this, the West will break its relation with TPLF and
    Do the above while trying on the otherhand to form all-inclusive Coalition to start transition to democracy.

  3. Zehabesha why do not run all programmes instead of selecting the ones that fit your ideology. Your biased reporting will not help Ethiopian to achieve their rights. The program that I attended was more than one person.

  4. Hirut,
    It is great suggestion. It is practical, actionable and could be done with or without coordination. We should never rest until we bring these terrorist regime down. The regime isn’t as invincible as they would like us to believe.

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