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76 Year-Old Wheaton Man Charged with Sexual Assault and Abuse of Woman in Oswego

Woldekidan Gebremedhin booking photo (Kendall County Jail photo)

Oswego Police and the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office say a 76 year-old Wheaton man is in custody after he allegedly sexually assaulted and sexually abused an adult female victim in Oswego in 2016.

In a joint release, the agencies say 76 year-old Woldekidan Gebremedhin of W. Roosevelt Rd. in Wheaton is charged with two counts each of Criminal Sexual Assault and Criminal Sexual Abuse after he was arrested on a warrant at his home in Wheaton on Friday.

Authorities say Woldekidan Gebremedhin allegedly sexually assaulted the adult female victim, who was not further identified, in Oswego in July of 2016.

On Tuesday the four felony charges were approved and a warrant for arrest was issued.

Woldekidan was taken to the DuPage County Jail and was then transported to the Kendall County Jail where is he is being held on $250,000 bond.


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  1. What?!!!! What is it now? A 76 year old countryman being charged with sexual assault? What is this world coming to? I wish and hope that this esteemed website and similar others would spend some time to do some investigation of their own and shed some additional light on this shocking news. My family and I are stunned here after reading this perplexing story. I just Google Wheaton and discovered that it is in the state of Illinois not too far from Chicago. There must be a good number of members of our Diaspora living there. We would appreciate if they add their own accounts about this story. Wow!! I am totally gobsmacked!!!

  2. Ittu Aba Farda, why are you exaggerating this issue? It is yet an allegation. Even if it is proved positive, what makes it so rare to stun and perplex you and your family? Don’t you think you are passing your judgement without proof of evidence? Or are you telling us how ethically and morally better and pure you are? You seem to be excited to know more about it. This is just a common news in this and other countries. Contrary to what you say, I wait for details( if at all I’m interested in following it up, like you do) and until the guy receives court decision. Even if perhaps found guilty, I am not going to blow it up as if a tornado has devastated a town.

    Your reaction to this common news story implies to me that you would tear up the alleged attacker without due legal process, like what lawless TPLF gangsters would do. Otherwise, you may be some one who may just enjoy sensational events for uplifting the self.

    ‘Yebuna metecha wore” shouldn’t have driven you so emotional to write a comment here. I used to read more of your comments on serious and important issues than on a trivial one like this news. That is why I decided to come in here and give you a pinch.

    • Samma from Nashville,

      Are you ok? You seem to have the skills to read but not between the lines. Read an re-read my comment and request until it sinks in. You sound to have some kind of a grudge with me. What was that? Are you trying for an attention getter?

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