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63 runaway Ethiopians nabbed in Dodoma

Tanzanian Daily News
newsPOLICE here are holding 63 illegal immigrants suspected to be from Ethiopia and a Tanzanian driver after the arrest at Kidoka village in Chemba District on Saturday.
The Dodoma Regional Police Commander (RPC), Mr David Misime, said here that one illegal immigrant, who was identified only as Tajiru aged between 25 and 30 died during the arrest jointly carried out by police and villagers.
“We’re holding 63 illegal immigrants and the driver who was transporting them using a truck make of Fuso with registration number T 353 AYW,” said the RPC.
Mr Misime named the driver as Othman Mtekateka (45), who is a resident of Ilala in Dar es Salaam Region. “The suspects were found aboard the truck on their way to Mbeya Region,” he said.
Mr Misime said the police apprehended the suspects following the tipoff from the good citizens who saw them hiding in the bush at the village, saying the suspects were found in bad health condition.
“The illegal immigrants, who were in bad health condition, were found eating some fresh maize. The villagers reported the matter to the police as some suspects were requesting food from the villagers,” he said.
Mr Misime pointed out that the suspects were found without entry permit and that the truck driver has admitted to transport the illegal immigrants from Moshi since March 12.
“We’re looking for other four suspects who were assistants to the truck driver. The four suspects disappeared after the truck broke down,” he said.
Mr Misime explained that after the truck broke down the driver took the suspects to hide them in the bush in order to repair the truck but the driver abandoned them.
The suspects were identified as Abiriham Rile (27), Daniel Avera (27), Araba Lobe (28), Mamiris Danxe (20), Getacham Hafebo (25), Miratu Abinu (21), Sabside Yohanas (18), Abirihamu Hadaro (25), Endure Sasie (18) and Kababe Woriw (22).
Others are Daniel Abare (22), Adise Trago (26), Girima Yohanas (19), Xilahun Abebe (18), Eshetu Abebe (18), Abeyine Etiro (26), Ababe Achiso (30), Misigune Dalikaso (21), Ayano Malase (30), Dabade Mishamo (30) and 43 others.

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