5 Ways to Prevent a Urinary Infections

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By Michelle Jacobs

The truth about urinary tract infections is simple; the best cure is prevention. Many women just don’t know how to avoid the triggers. By simply protecting your body using these methods, you can simultaneously treat and prevent further UTI’s from occurring. These 5 causes are also doubly means for prevention and treatment.

1) Cleaning Up After Sex

urinary infectionThere are so many fluids involved in intercourse. With women being built the way they are, we are much more likely to have these fluids come into contact with our urinary tract and transfer bacteria that causes infection. The best way to avoid contracting any of this bacteria is to make sure we clean ourselves thoroughly after sex. This can be as simple as havingbaby wipes in our washroom or a handbag for convenient use. Cleaning up after intercourse also means washing the sheets, any adult toys that may have been used and going to the washroom before and after sex to flush out the urinary tract.

2) Appropriate Underwear

81Some women swear by going ‘commando’. Whether not wearing underwear is a comfort choice or a fashion choice, it is the wrong choice when it comes to yourhealth. The insides of our clothing may seem clean, but they are, unfortunately, not as clean as we might think. Every time you sit down somewhere, you pick up bacteria that can cross through that fabric to the inside, making it easy for you to get an infection. By wearing underwear you give yourself an extra line of defence against germs. You can easily prevent urinary infections by making sure you wear a freshly cleaned pair cotton underwear every day.

3) Using Gentle Cleansing Products

Not all soaps are made equal. In order to make sure you are doing everything you can to prevent urinary infections, make sure you clean out your shower from any harmful soaps. Avoid using anything that is scented or has perfume in it. Also, trying to use natural products that don’t have a list of ingredients longer than a few items on the back. The fewer ingredients in your soaps, the more natural they are and the better they are for you. Women can contract urinary tract infections by using a soap that offsets our natural balance, or by getting a harsh soap in contact with our sensitive areas. These soaps can easily move up our urinary tract and cause infection.

4) Keep Yourself Well Hydrated

This preventative measure is one that many women often overlook. Drinking a lot of water is one of the best defences against infection available. By drinking lots of water you are flushing your system of any harmful bacteria. The more often you flush out your system, the less likely you are to get a urinary tract infection. Have awater bottle with a built in filtration system and carry it with you wherever you go. This will make it easier for you to remember to drink water and will ensure that the water you are drinking isn’t full of bacteria. Try to reach a daily goal of water intake. Most doctor’s recommend eight glasses of water a day, this roughly translates to two litres of water a day.

5) Don’t Hold It In

When you lead a busy life, finding time to go to the washroom can seem like something you can put to the side until you have the time. This is the worst thing you can do. Make sure you find the time to go to the washroom as soon as you feel like you have to go. Whatever you’re doing can wait, and your health should always come first in these situations. By going to the washroom regularly you will be doing the physical part of flushing out all of that bacteria and those toxins that can cause a urinary tract infection. Drinking the recommended daily amount of water means you will need to go to the washroom more often. This is a good thing. You should be going to the washroom five to six times a day. If you’re going more often than that, don’t worry, think of it as additional cleansing.

By taking care of your health using these preventative measures, you’ll also be treating any infection you might currently have. These may seem like small measures, but combined they will completely cleanse your body and keep any chance of a urinary tract infection at bay. If you feel like making all of these changes at once is too overwhelming, slowly start adding them to your daily routine one at a time. When you start getting into the habit of drinking two litres of water a day, you will automatically have to use the washroom more and will remember to go when you feel the need, rather than when you have the time. Slowly integrating these five measures into your life will soon become second nature and you will be able to completely protect yourself from ever contracting another infection.

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