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5 Reasons Why I am Delightfully Supporting Hillary Clinton for President of the United States of America

by By Gabe Hamda; (PhD), SPHR

Gabe Hamda; (PhD), SPHR
Gabe Hamda; (PhD), SPHR
Gabe Hamda; (PhD), SPHR
Gabe Hamda; (PhD), SPHR

Who am I?

I am politically independent (I am not a democrat nor a republican) who strongly believes in a heathy two party system.

I am a family man with many roles as a parent, a husband, a son and a brother.

I am a person of faith as an evangelical Christian who believes my # 1 mandate is to love unconditionally and refrain from judging others. I operate from faith and not fear. I believe the role of a church in state matters is to collaborate with other interfaith groups to advance the overall well-being of citizens and to advance peace and understanding in society. I also believe the role of people of faith is to pray for leaders and counsel them to do good for all people.

I am an Ethiopian American who is cherishing the democratic rights I enjoy as an American and strives that my Ethiopian people will soon taste the fruits of democracy.

I am a business man who is actively engaged in creating jobs for the American economy.

What is my criteria for supporting a candidate of my choice.

policy, policy, policy. My number one criteria for choosing a candidate is whether the policy they advocate is consistent with my vision of America. Thus, I support a candidate whose policies lift up all people including those who have limited or no voice in influencing the system such as our citizens who are low income, middle income, children, families, the elderly, the disabled, minorities and immigrants. I also support a candidate whose policies incentivitizes the rich people to use their wealth for the common good as well as pursuing their own interests.

Diversity & Inclusion. I believe America is neither a Christian nation nor a nation of other religions. I see America where people of any religion or no religion can freely exercise their faith. I also see America as inclusive of all political views and all life styles.

Human decency. I support a candidate who demonstrates basic human decency of politeness, humility, respect and self-reflection. I am not perfect nor do I expect perfection from others including presidential candidates. Thus, I do not judge political candidates by the strictest moral standards. I judge them by their common sense and common decency.

Competence. I support candidates who demonstrate competence in leading the largest and the most sophisticated government system in the world. Competence includes smarts, composure and the ability to engage other talented people.

My 5 Reasons for Delightfully Supporting Hillary Clinton as President are as follows:

(1) The policies Hillary Clinton advances will benefit all people including the needs of the low income, the middle income, the youth, minorities, immigrants, the disabled, the elderly and children.

(2) Hilary is smart, disciplined and composed to be able to work the government system to benefit all segments of society. For people who know how large organizations work, any sophisticated and entrenched system like the US government requires someone who knows how to work the system to bring about change. In a democratic system with checks and balances a president cannot make radical changes without the consent of other branches of government. Hilary will do a great job of working with congress and the courts to bring about the desired change the American people deserve. Dictatorships are the most efficient system of government. To see a good example of the efficiency of a dictatorship, please google my native country Ethiopia’s recent reshuffling of the cabinet. The dictatorial government of Ethiopia appointed all the ministers and secured their approvals from the parliament one Tuesday morning.

(3) Hilary has demonstrated how to overcome personal as well as professional adversities and crisis with class and resilience. Crises that Hilary encountered include: The Benghazi investigations, the email leaks, her husband’s infidelity, her references to her opponent’s supporters as deplorables and her illness during the heat of the campaign. In all these crises she apologized where she made mistakes, learned from the situations and made corrective actions. Her detractors are adept at repeating an incidence ad-nauseam to create an impression of a major crisis and a major crime. For example, the Bengazi incidence and the email leaks are crafty repeated and manufactured to create mountains out of a mole.

(4) Hilary’s election will inspire young girls and women in America that they too can play a key leadership role. Uplifting girls and women is uplifting the entire society. As an exemplary mother, as an exemplary wife and as an exemplary public servant, Hillary will be a magnificent president. It is time for America to catch up with other major democracies who readily elect women as national leaders. Hillary’s instincts as a mother will serve us really well.

(5) Hilary will use presidential bully pulpit to advance the public good. The biggest role of the U.S. presidency is the power of the word. Thus, Hillary is better equipped the use her words to inspire our nation and the world to strive to do do good.

In conclusion, I am delighted to support Hillary Clinton as the best choice for the president of the United States of America

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  1. This is it folks. After 240 years since its founding, this cradle of the modern mankind is on the eve of making the grandest choice of all, the choosing of who will lead this great nation. 2008 was the defining moment of our time and this one carries the opportunity that has been denied to more than 52% of the population. I have made my conviction very clear for decades now that the time should be allotted to our sisters and mothers to take the mantle of leading nations. We men have had our chances and more than we deserve. For this or that cultural or religious nonsense, we have arrogantly kept women out of the big house. I will vote for Hillary not because she is Hillary but she is a woman. If Condoleeza Rice was the one running for the post, I could have voted for her too. Even if Linda Tripp comes out of retirement I would do the same thing. Such extended political power has spoiled men beyond repair. I am denying Donald Trump my vote just for the fact that his opponent is a woman not because he is a racist as some allege. I don’t think he is racist but he is trying to feed into the raw emotions of people who are rightfully so scared and also frustrated. If Hillary wins, that will be one down and more than 180 similar positions in our time to go. That is gonna be a huge 9.9 on the Richter scale. So let’s do this!!!!

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