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Video: 5 Intellectuals VS TPLF – by Sadik Ahmed | Must Watch

5 Intellectuals VS TPLF | Must Watch – by Sadik Ahmed


  1. In the Amharic proverb (Islam ena Amara), where does this Sadik Ahmed fit. I believe he is an Amharanized Oromo. According to the proved Amara means Christian. Where do the Muslim Amharas come from?

  2. Mr Haile, you are evidently an uneducated, uninformed and perhaps a malicious Woyane too.

    Unlike in Tigray, where Muslims are denied their basic rights of citizenship (Yohannes had decreed that ‘Muslims must have no lands, like the sky has no pillars, Christian Amaras adore their Muslim brothers as epitome of honesty and justice. I am a proud Amara from Wollo and a committed Muslim.

    There are millions of Wolloyes, Gondar and Gojam as well as Shoa (yifat etc) Amaras who happen to be Muslims.

    Yes, in some areas where the majority are Muslims, the Christian population is referred to Amaras.

    The likes of Haile must realize that a word or a name can have have more than one meaning.

    Is that clear?

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