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32,000 Ethiopians will be deported till end of November


ethiopia saudi nov 14
Saudi Airlines intends to charter 70 flights to deport around 32,000 Ethiopians until the end of November.
Around 40 flights have already left Riyadh and Jeddah to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa since Nov. 12, said Abdullah Al-Ajhar, assistant “The next stage will be implemented as of today and will last until the end of November. This phase will oversee the transportation of 32,000 Ethiopians back home.”
He said Saudia has been assigned with providing reservations for violators and renting additional carriers if the need arises.
Saudia is prepared to secure additional flights to transport violators to their country. He said there is no shortage of flights so far.
Col. Badr bin Saud Al-Saud, public relations director for the Makkah Province police, said the Shumaisy center is not directly involved in receiving or deporting violators.
He said the center only receives persons arrested for violating residency rules. Al-Saud said that expats with no identification papers are asked about their nationalities and that representatives from their consulates are called to meet and identify them. He said there is a special ward for each nationality.
After fingerprinting the violators and capturing digital images, more photos are taken and given to the consulates, which issue special travel documents for the persons in question.
Violators are then deported at the expense of the Kingdom. Violators, however, will not be deported if the consulates do not issue travel documents. Consulates have cooperated with authorities so far, he said.
The center has headquarters that receive representatives from foreign consulates. These representatives are working around the clock to issue travel documents for their nationals. A representative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs coordinates between these representatives and security authorities.



  1. Now another drama is going to start- Sew Belaw Wyeyane would demand to clarify everyone, as if anyone wants to go to their hellhole.

  2. Eventually they, Saudi autocrats, will be hounded down by the same thugs they unleashed on the Ethiopians. Fascistic acts have a boomerang effect. Remember Mussolini was executed by his own fellow Black Shirts.
    Humanity is watching!

  3. The stone-age kingdom of Saudi Arabia is now fully cracked and it is a matter of months—if not days– before it crumbles down. The brutal act currently taking place is clear sign that their days are numbered. As is natural with all autocrats, they are terribly overwhelmed by fear as the ground under their feet is slipping away by the day. All their actions these days are driven by nothing other than irrational fear. Trust me! the archaic Saudi monarchy won’t survive for long after now.
    Not only Saudi Arabia, that region as a whole is the only kind of itself with thickheaded moneyed ignorant plutocrats at the helm. The current turmoil and brutality that has begun in Saudi Arabia, indeed, is a holocaust at a very small scale. Knowing this, we should also be cognizant of the fact that it is only a question of how soon before the other rulers in the region that depended on our labor would follow suit. As it appears now, the cardinal social imperative essential for individuals to function in a society – maintaining justice and morality by government- is badly broken in that region. Under such circumstances, it is very dangerous for people such as our Ethiopian brothers and sisters with their cultural background of decency, law abiding and God fearing entity. We have already known that many thousands of them are in acute distress and their lives are at great risk. In gross terms, the challenges facing us, Ethiopians, on the diaspora are two
    1. The desperate cries of men, women and children for immediate help are too distressing. We are the first line of saviors for those who survive the violence. We should spare no time and effort to coordinate ourselves into rushing the critical lifesaving help needed
    2. Back home, awaiting our unfortunate sisters and brothers is the worse of misrules that is shamelessly indifferent to the ruthless fascistic treatment of citizens in the hands of a 21st century barbaric monarchy. Returning them to the country under such insensitive rule would be like hurling them back into the beast’s mouth they had escaped away from. In fact the TPLF leaders are accustomed to enjoying pittances from the hands of wealthy Saudi Arabs for a good while and therefore might even be harsher on the returning victims. The possibility of government retribution on most of those returning must also be anticipated. Ethiopia is under the control of vandal ethnic ex bandits bent on destroying her. Thankfully to the global efforts, nowadays, ruthless dictators are losing grounds much faster. They no longer could survive peoples’ clamor for democracy and the sweeping global efforts to rid the world of evil dictators. It won’t take long before the world will be free of the likes of ethnocentric TPLF leaders and the autocrats of oil rich Saudi Arabia. Meantime, we should spare no time and effort to coordinate sustained advocacy to recover and maintain the wellbeing of our brothers and sisters in distress in Saudi Arabia:
    a. First and foremost: It is time that we, on the diaspora, urgently engage in a serious dialogue to hammer out our differences, with the aim of reviewing and reexamining our core values and principles as a national entity, [people]; let us clear misconceptions and divisive myths. Diaspora media outlets, influential persons, opinion makers among the Ethiopian community on the diaspora should play the leading role. It is high time that despite our differences we sort out and identify the commonalities that could bind us together and keep us cohesive in the face of adverse situations so that our [common] enemies cannot single us out and make easy preys out of us. Let us not be marked as disparate weaklings easy for ill-treatments and atrocities for nothing else other than for our country of origin [our nationality] (United we survive and thrive; divided we perish!)Let us assert ourselves and our rights!
    b. Let us form an association or associations for the purpose of dealing with future such petit holocausts perpetrated by petit fascists like Saudi Arabia or their likes. Let us, at the same time, act fast and find out [from international agencies] means of resettling our people currently languishing in Saudi Arabia anywhere in the world. Their safety in Ethiopia under the current rulers has no guarantee.
    c. Our situation is part and parcel of the global affairs. Let us heighten the global awareness of the brutality and barbaric inhuman treatment of our brothers in the hands of the Saudi government so that others will gain lessons. Let us seek global assistance through making persistent appeals to the relevant governmental and non-governmental bodies concerned with justice and human rights on behalf of our brothers and sisters. Let our voices be heard.
    Ethiopians Unite!
    United we survive and thrive divided we perish!

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