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3 Egyptians caught in Gambella, accused of spying


by Tekle Mariam *
* A Senior news correspondent for The Upper Nile Times based in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

GAMBELLA – The regional state government of Gambella caught today 3 Egyptian nationals who penetrated to the the region via the war torn South Sudan in what the regional government of Ethiopia believed to be a spying mission to find information about the country’s Renaissance Dam. The the three men named as Yusuf Haj, Ismail Azizi and Hassan Garai were caught in separate locations of the region.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam along the Nile has ignited a water debate between Egypt and Ethiopia.
The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam along the Nile has ignited a water debate between Egypt and Ethiopia.
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Yusuf went to Abobo on a fake tourist pass to see the Abobo dam of the Abobo county (Woreda). The locals in Abobo worried about the suspicious activities he was making near the dam and that prompted his arrest by the local police. He was then transferred to the regional administration in Gambella for further investigation and detentions.

The other two were caught at a bus station in Gambella trying to board a bus to Benshangul – Gumuz state without security passes. Benshangul-Gumuz near blue Nile is where the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) is located.

Egypt and Ethiopia have been at odds over the construction of GERD. Egyptian government threatened to bomb the dam as they feel that if the dam becomes operational, it would compromise their fair share of the Nile water. Ethiopia however denied any impact the flow of water would do to Egypt.

Moreover, South Sudan government recently signed a military agreement with Egyptian government. The agreement was received with too much skepticism by Addis Ababa who think that any deal by their neighbour with Egypt would invite an attack on the dam.

Last week, the South Sudanese rebels claimed to have captured 12 Egyptians in Jonglei who fought alongside the government of South Sudan.

Source: The Upper Nile Times


  1. This is so typical of this illegal government. Done to divert attention from the heinous crimes they committed on our brothers and sisters in Ambo, Gonder, Alemaya etc. If it is true Sudan is betraying this criminals after she got Ethiopia’s fertile land for free. However, one has to look at this with grain of salt because once a liar always a liar. “waynen mamen kebro newe”

    • No one expects a doofus like you to care about our country. If you don’t care why reading this info. Apparently, you do. I have a question for all the keyboard heros who fuss about everything that’s going on in Ethiopia: who do you have in mind should TPLF give up power? You guys politicize the issue of the Muslims, Waldba, the renaissance dam and what not just for the sake of opposing the government. I am sure if Ethiopia manage to produce petroleum tomorrow you guys will take off to the streets with Al Mariam leading the way “the government is trying to pollute the environment by producing fossilized fuel” Do you know why we don’t see more demonstrations by our muslim brothers at anwar mosque? They have been told to stop many times and then ……..I love the federal police….one day the federals cut the demonstrators into smaller sections and then started whacking them up until they run away leaving their face veils, Jallabias, cellphones and what have you. Since then no more “allah wa akbar” in the streets of Addis.

  2. The Egyptian government going crazy exposing themselves this days, they paid and bought a lot of Ethiopians such as Professor Alemayehu Gebremariam to object the hydro dam project, now they sending spying agents into Ethiopia. All this facts telling us that our government is doing good jab defending Ethiopia’s interest that is why we are witnessing that Ethiopia’s covert enemies now becoming bald.

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