23 sentenced in Ethiopia for al-Qaida, al-Shabab links

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By Associated Press

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — A court in Ethiopia has sentenced 23 people to up to 15 years in prison for establishing links to the al-Qaida and al-Shabab extremist groups.

The Ethiopian Federal High Court says they had been accused of planning to carry out terror attacks inside the East African country.

The state-affiliated Fana Broadcasting Corporate quotes the court ruling as saying three of those sentenced had been planning to establish an Islamic state.

Court officials say the defendants were active between 2010 and 2014 in six cities including the capital, Addis Ababa.

The charge sheet says the defendants recruited individuals and sent them to neighboring Somalia for training. Al-Shabab, which has links to al-Qaida, is based in Somalia.

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  1. Up 15 years? That’s all? These demons should be locked up until the hell freezes. They should not be allowed to see the sunshine we bask, the air we breathe freely until they die. And that peaceful and family man Obbo Eskender gets more jail time than these lucifers? Figure, right? Al-Qaeda, The Wahhabis, Al-Shabbab, ISIS and all other similar religious terrorists pose the real and present danger. By the way, that includes Al-Toweel Isaias and his by products the Sebhat Nega’s and the cabals. Our harmonious and ever glorious people have been fighting these forces of evil for more than 50 years now. They have denied them all any spot to anchor their poisonous tentacles. Our people do not need external so called religious missionaries. We have enough of our own domestic spiritual experts in both religions. Whenever any religious missionary, either Islam or Christian, come to our old country to preach what they have trying to do was convert already Christian people to Christianity and already Muslim people to Islam. But when the Wahhabis show up at the door they do not bring harmony among people of differing creeds. They instead bring the outmoded and outdated Jihad with them. I wish I can wake up the late Habib Bourguiba with all his well versed sharp tongue to help me on this one. I can not tell you enough the disdain they have for the people like me who always cherish living in peace and harmony with my Christian brothers and sisters. For them, I am a no good heathen who mingle with the ‘enemy’. That is why their deacons ISIS blows up everyone including children, the elderly and expecting mothers who are main stream Muslims. To them that bustling place, Merkato, is a fair game. Look at what they are doing in Egypt. To me this Wahhabi scourge will remain menacing our people until it is in control of the palace courts and mosques in Riyadh and UAE. They have deep pockets and will spend any amount to woo any weak elements among our people. When such elements are discovered and proven to be so, they should be locked up for life. Such evil elements are imbued with this devilish belief so much that they don’t like Muslims and they don’t like Christians. They hate everyone and that is what they have been in killing spree of everyone in their sights. That is the typical Wahhabi sermon. The entire world should keep an eye on what is going on in that forsaken peninsula. They have been incubating religious extremists of every caliber. 15 years only? That is not justice. Well again, figures, right?

  2. Aba Farda,

    You are 1000% wrong.

    This is totally nonsense. I will bet my bottom dollar that the 23 convicted people are 110% innocent. The atheist tyrannical/criminal TPLF/EPDRF calls/labels anyone who opposes its mafia style criminal rule as terrorists. The one and only terrorist in east Africa is you guessed it spot on TYRANICAL TPLF/EPDRP.

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