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2017, The Year of Great Action! (Amhara Professionals Union)

አምባ/Amhara Professionals Union

As the New Year dawns, new hopes and expectations from the days ahead arise from all people. The people of Ethiopia are no different. Ethiopia is the cradle of mankind and has a long history of international cooperation and accommodating diversity in culture, religion and language. It has maintained its independence throughout its history and played a significant role both at continental and international arena. This great nation of thousands of years of rich history and tradition is now under siege of a tyrannical regime called the Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF).


The TPLF regime manipulated our diversity for the purpose of divide and conquer rule. It endangered our national unity by dividing the nation along ethnic and religious lines since day one of assuming power. Ethiopia is a country of over 100 million people and with more than 80 ethnic groups with their own culture and tradition. But, the core support of TPLF party comes only from the Tigray people which constitute only 6% of the population. The Ethiopian people have suffered from injustice and torture of unspeakable magnitude under this minority based regime in the last 25 years. The Amhara people in particular have been systematically massacred, marginalized, tortured and depopulated for over two decades by this barbaric regime.

This passing year has been a year of agony for the Ethiopian people in general and the Amhara people in particular and the human right violations have reached to an unbearable point. The regime massacred hundreds of innocent Amhara people, and thousands are still languishing in the torture cells since July 2016 alone. The situation worsens and at this moment, a popular uprising has engulfed the nation and the fight for God given rights has reached to a point of no return. God forbid, if the issue is not given much international attention and immediate actions are not taken, it may escalate to a civil war that disturbs the stability of the already volatile region.

As the New Year dawns, we hope our international friends reevaluate their foreign policy towards Ethiopia. We believe sustainable relationship between our people should reflect the integrity and values of your citizens and the interests of the Ethiopian people. We believe such policies should be aligned to benefit the Ethiopian people and not to serve the interests of the minority regime of TPLF.

As the New Year dawns, we remember the sufferings of all people in the globe who are unfortunate to celebrate it with peace and freedom. We envision a free, peaceful and united Ethiopia that plays a pivotal role for the stability of the region in particular and the world at large.

As the New Year dawns, with the help of God, the genuine support of world’s great nations and the tenacity of its brave men and women, we hope that our country will be free from the current authoritarian, divisive and corrupt political regime and a new democratic future ushers.

APU wishes you a happy new year! መልካም አዲስ አመት!
Amhara Professionals Union – APU
Washington, D.C., U.S.A.

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  1. Are you sure and genuine to your conscience.

    I say this because I am observing fighting/organizing in the name of Amhara for otherwise ends rather for anti-Amhara/pro TPLF goals.

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