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2015 in review: Does Ethiopia need national reconciliation? | Audio

2015 in review: Does Ethiopia need national reconciliation? | Audio

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  1. does this killer regret for his role in dismembering Ethiopia before he talks or lectures about reconciliation

  2. You were a good journalist..what happen to u now? How come you start to interview for a problem solving opinion from this former Prime minister..? I don’t want to call even his name because of his stupidity. He is a criminal and one of the genocider from the EPRDF groups and now choose to be a religious person. He should be asked at ICC…He can not talk about Ethiopia after now.
    Please remove this post from Z-Habesha…He can not/never talk about the country more!

  3. the dictator always like to talk about investment with foreign investor Europa and Asia countries. this is really a problem to the farmer in ethiopia. TPLF since they became to power in 1990, people are still strugling because of no right of speech no right of freedom. Oromo people are dying of the master plan un the Oromia State including many cities in Ethiipia. In 2005 500 hundreds Amahar people dead many others wound due to TPLF government on the fraud election.

  4. I would rather choose EPRDF than you guys if there is no home grown party to replace EPDRF. Have you heard the story of a beggar who is kept the flies who had already sacked his blood. It looks foolish thought but is the best.

  5. What a jock.He is the most evil person on earth.Still he is speaking about religion.He will be accused of Genocide and many crime that he made when he was in power.He and his wife are criminals but now they said they are religious.What a sad way to try to escape from the evil crime they made on earth.We will never sleep until every body who is responsible must face justice in Ethiopia.Do not speak about reconciliation.You have to have to side to start reconciliation ok?The Tigre mercenaries will never listen to any one in this world they are narrow minded,mafia and Terrorist org.Even 98% of those Tigress who live in Europe and America will never admit the crime their families are making after 25 years.They are just taking the advantage they are getting right now.They do not pay tax when they do business in many areas.We know who is exporting every thing you find in europe and America as well as in Arab countries.There fore we have to be honest and eradicate the Tigre mercenaries and get our freedom and our mother land period.Now our people are showing courage and bit by bit every body will join the revolution and wipe out the Tigre mercenaries for good.I am Andargachew and ESAT is mine.Death to Tigre mercenaries,Tamrat Layne and Hodams who cooperate with Tigre mercenaries.God bless Ethiopia.Humanity before Ethnicity.

  6. Dear Kasahun
    Thank you for bringing this important issue.
    Peace and reconciliation is an important way fir resolving conflicts in a family, community or nation and the world.
    Of course true reconciliation is from God but the word of God teaches that people like Tamirat stay out ,let he has good testimony.
    For reconciliation purpose, it is advisable respected individuals will be asked instead of Tamrat Layne who was also responsible for the massacre and crisis in current Ethiopia.
    Please, learn from South Africa which has successful reconciliation .

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