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July 2007

The Next Big Thing

By Ephrem Madebo So much of the long history of the struggle between autocratic regimes and the good people of Ethiopia can partially be explained by critically analyzing the essence of good and evil. It is an absolute truth that in every generation of Ethiopians, good citizens seem to clearly outnumber those who are evil, yet …

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A Letter to Ambassador Donald Yamamoto

Ambassador Donald Yamamoto American Embassy P.O.Box 1014 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia E-mail: Dear Ambassador Yamamoto: Your recent assertion1 that suggests a parallel between the democratic path followed by the Founding Fathers of the USA and the destructive course chosen by the dictator Meles Zenawi is a cruel blow to the aspirations of oppressed people around the …

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Ethiopia Kinijit calls for renewed vigor in the march towards democracy

Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (Kinijit)http://www.kinijitethiopia.orgA Call for Renewed Vigor in the March towards Democracy and the Rule of Law Kinijt International Leadership (KIL) expresses our earnest delight and enquan des alen to our gallant and towering elected leaders, their families and all Ethiopians. The release of our leaders after 20 months of illegal …

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High Court, Low Verdict

Tuesday, July 17, 2007 By Ephrem Madebo The absolutely nonsense and preposterous ‘political’ verdict that started on June 11 calumniated to its worst stage yesterday when the Ethiopian High Court nominal judges read a political manuscript sent from Zewnawi’s office. The rule of law might have never been the way of life in Ethiopia, however, neither …

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“Abusing the people doesn’t make sense”

In a recent must-read article (“Fallout from war on terror hits Ethiopia“) by a foreign correspondent of the Chicago Tribune, an article that deals with the repercussions of Ethiopia’s interference in neighboring Somalia in the name of the war against terrorism, an Ethiopian government official was quoted as saying: “We don’t see any basic violations of human rights,” …

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