Ethiopia: Civilized people uncivilized regime: how did it happen?

by Teshome Debalke

Everybody is wondering how did such civilized people asEthiopians ended up under the rule of uncivilized regime likeTigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) “Woyane”?

uncivilised, Power hungry Politicians

Before I go on exploring about how the uncivilized regime remained in power it is appropriate to explain what civilized society means, so that the ‘uncivilized’ understand not to divert us from the main question.

Free Dictionary defines civilized society:

  • Having a highly developed society and culture.
  • Showing evidence of moral and intellectual advancement; humane, ethical, and reasonable:
  • Marked by refinement in taste and manners; cultured; polished

Contrast that with the Woyane regime’s culture, moral, intellect, ethics, and manner, noting come close to what Ethiopians are all about.

Even Woyane supporters attest to that fact by remaining silent and covering up the atrocities and corruptions of their favorite regime for so long confirming their uncivilized behavior. The evidence is overwhelming to justify their behavior. For example, they never demand independent inquiry on all the accusation of genocide, human right violation, corruption, force resettlement, human trafficking, money laundering, extortion, land grabbing…and more. They simply take the word of Woyane at face value and defend it tooth-and-nail while attacking the innocent and everyone else. If that is not uncivilized behavior colluding with an offending party we don’t know what could be.

Meles Zenawi worst nightmare dictators in Ethiopia history

He’s gone for good

It goes much further; as blind following the blind, they go along with organized robbery of a nation without blinking an eye. To make matter worst, they sit by; when Woyane reduce the nation to the lowest internet penetration in the world, not to mention jamming and blocking independent Medias just because it doesn’t want anyone to know its atrocity and robbery of the people and the nation. Again, if that isn’t uncivilized behavior of a Stone Age proportion we don’t know what it is.

thanks to butcher Mengistu Hailemariam contribution  – we are now where we are

Uncivilized regimes, gangs, corrupt organizations… have one thing in common. They pretend to be civilized to cover-up their uncivilized behavior; in the process they self incriminate by contradicting themselves.

For example, they say Corruption is development, stealing is growth, vote rigging is Democracy, killing is fighting terrorism, lying is government communication, propaganda is news, laundering money is investment, genocide is resettlement, bribing is representation, jailing is justice, division is Ethnic Federalism, terrorizing is maintaining constitutional order… you get the point.

With all uncivilized behavior on its belt it is surprising how Woyane managed to hang around for this long?  And, how its so called supporters managed to hang around with it for these long? Could it be because they are uncivilized and corrupt as Woyane itself?

The best way to describe it is through the drug cartels of South America.  These drug cartels are the de facto governments in the countries they operate purely by violence and corruptions.

According to Wikipedia

“Drug cartels arecriminal organizationsdeveloped with the primary purpose of promoting and controlling drug trafficking operations. They range from loosely managed agreements among various drug traffickers to formalized commercial enterprises. cartels, is now popularly used to refer to any criminal narcotics related organization, such as those in Colombia, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador,Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Below is the basic structure of the drug cartels in Mexico:

  • Falcons (Halcones): Considered the “eyes and ears” of the streets, the ‘falcons’ are the lowest rank in any drug cartel. They are responsible for supervising and reporting the activities of the military and their rival groups.[1]
  • Hitmen (Sicarios): The armed group within the drug cartel that are responsible for carrying out assassinations, kidnappings, thefts, extortions, operating protection rackets, and defending their ‘plaza’ from rival groups and the military.[2][3]
  • Lieutenants (Lugartenientes): The second highest position in the drug cartel organization that are responsible for supervising the hit men and falcons within their own territory. They are allowed to carry out low-profile executions without permission from their bosses.[4]
  • Drug lords (Capos): The highest position in any drug cartel that are responsible for supervising the entire drug industry, appointing territorial leaders, making alliances, and planning high-profile executions.[5]

It is worth noting that there are other operating groups within the drug cartels. For example, the drug producers and suppliers,[6] although not considered in the basic structure, are critical operators of any drug cartel, along with the financers and money launderers.[7][8][9] In addition, the arms suppliers operate in a completely different circle,[10] and are technically not considered part of the cartel’s logistics.”

Source:- Wikipedia

The drug cartels act like government within a government. In fact, in nation like Colombia Cali CartelMedellín Cartel and Norte del Valle Cartel  practically use to run the government until recently; similar to what Woynae does. Their strategy is to inflect fear on the population through violence and terror where the Lieutenants handling the low level treat for the cartels while the big drug lords take care of the high-profile executions. Executing judges, journalist, social activist and politicians and their family members that threatened their business occurred daily.

Similarly, Woyane left its low level treats for its cadres while the high profile treats is handled by the big boys of TPLF’s run death squads. The late Melse always stepped in whenever high profile treats to Woyane rule requires executions.

There are ample evidences Woyane survived using drug cartels’ methods of fear-terror-bribe-control and financing its operation by stealing from the public. ‘Appointing territorial leaders, making alliances to expand its reach…are identical with the drug cartels.

The fake democratic legitimacy and the drama that followed in the last three elections were in order to earn fake legitimacy from the gullible until the 2005 election neutralized it for good.  Ever since, it went back to the same old Woyane. The drama of the last election was only to appease its foreign enablers as the future election will be.

Since the death of Melse, Woyane is trying hard to cover up its true nature from the international community that knowingly allowed it to stick around. With forced loss of the top positions in the government by faking transition of power, it will maintain the only hope it got to please its foreign enablers while doing what it knows best behind closed doors until the last hour of its rule. It won’t be long before the international community decides the fake legitimacy no longer sufficient to stick around; as they are beginning to do as we speak.

Woyane should be looked at no less or more than a drug cartel of South America to fully understand it behavior in order to end its crime spree and its draconian rule sooner. Otherwise, it will prolong its stay in a cover of faking the few excuses left to it as long as it can. Extreme caution must be taken on its cadres that disguise as innocent Ethiopians to do its dirty bidding to prolong its rule.

As we go forward to end Woyane rule, the bluff coming out of the sorry regime and its apologist is the same bluff we heard from every small and big tyrants of the world and their apologist that bit the dust or gasping for air to extend their rule.

For some reason tyranny have no ear to hear and eyes to see when it is up. In fact, uncivilized regime is deaf and blind to hear and see what is coming until it comes.

We wonder, what keeps the apologists going?  Hope…


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