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Irish Gov’t Keen to Boost Women’s Political Representation in Ethiopia

The Government of Ireland is keen to boost women’s political representation in the upcoming national elections, Irish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Nicola Anne Bernan said.

The ambassador made the remarks while Saint Brigid’s Day marked in the capital Addis Ababa today.

Saint Brigid is one of Ireland’s patron Saints, and her feast day is 1st February which marking the beginning of spring.

She noted that the day was celebrated in Addis Ababa to tribute the achievements and the very essence of women with the theme: Women as Agents of Change”.

Addressing gender inequality and needs of women and girls is at the heart of Ireland’s work in Ethiopia, she added.

Irish government has been working with National Electoral Board of Ethiopia in terms of supporting the process and preparation for elections and ensuring women’s participation and get political representation, she pointed out.

“We are supporting National Electoral Board of Ethiopia in terms of the dialogue that they are holding with the political parties bringing attention to the issue and ensuring women are represented,” the ambassador said.

Women, Chaldren and Youth Minister, Filson Abdulahi said the Government of Ethiopia has been recognizing  women as an agent of change.

In Ethiopia, ‘women as an agent of change’ has been in display with many women coming to position of higher leadership including in the presidential position, she indicated.

“We have female ministers, commissioners, generals, who are working with passion, dedication, commitment and heart to bring transformative change to the institution they lead and the country at large,” she stated.

The ministry is also working to create conducive environment for women to play their role as agents of change, she added.

She further stated that the ministry and the Government of Ethiopia will need the continued support of Irish Government for the initiatives of gender equality and empowerment of women in Ethiopia.

The day was marked was to venerate St Brigid’s, one of Ireland’s patron saints, for her dedication of creativity, initiative, true qualities, many miracles of healing and acts of extraordinary kindness during her life time in 1500 years ago, it was learned.


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