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101 Ethiopian Immigrants Arrested in Tassia, Nairobi



Ethiopians in Kenya

Over one hundred Ethiopians were arrested on Monday night at Embakasi’s Tassia area, for being in the country illegally.
The immigrants are said to have been harboured by three Kenyans, who are currently in police custody.
Police from the Special Crimes Prevention Unit raided the houses on Tuesday after a tip-off from an informer and arrested the Ethiopians, who were headed to South Africa.
According to the police, the immigrants who had travelled in three separate buses, had no proper travelling documents.
However, the immigrants claim they had stopped for refreshments at the house of the three Kenyans before they could proceed to the airport for their flight.
The three Kenyans will be arraigned in Makadara court on Tuesday morning.
The number of illegal immigrants has increased in Kenya. Last Tuesday, detectives nabbed 11 Ethiopians who were headed for South Africa from Likoni without the necessary travel documentation.

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  1. ONLF,OLF,G7,Ethiopian community in North America and Europe are responisible for this trauma of our people.They promised fake, they docoment fakeand that is it!

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