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The  Ethiopian Elites Believed the Noble Lies, and the Liars Intensified  Facilitating the Amara Genocide!

By Belayneh Abate

It was  perplexing to watch the Ethiopian elites seeing a glitter of hope in the current rulers of the Ethiopian People Democratic Front (EPRDF)-the self-acclaimed PP, who lied the noble lies to cheat the Ethiopian people in general and the elites in particular in 2018. As the Almighty and the world knows, these rulers were the same slaves that served Legesse Zenawi’s gang group, which in turn was a loyal slave of the West and East.

The concept “noble lie” was coined by Plato, and it is in reference to a myth or a big lie politicians or others lie to advance a hidden agenda. The noble lies of the new EPRDF rulers were  “Ethiopia is an addiction; alive or dead, we are all Ethiopians; our motto is addition;  if a single citizen dies because of his ethnicity or religion, we will relinquish our power, blah blah blah”.  

Ignoring the insurmountable crimes of these slaves, many elites were terribly seduced by the slaves’ rhetoric  and pretensions behind podiums.  The elites forgot how Legesse Zenawi’s gang group selected theses slaves in order to establish its rule at the graves of Chauvinists and Neftegnas (genocidal codes for Amaras).

The elites forgot Legesse Zenawi’s gang group never assigned slaves that would question the atrocities and treasons  the group committed.   The elites “short memory” did not allow them to remember that Legesse had two criteria to recruit slaves for any position: strong hate for Amaras and/ or strong love for a voracious stomach.

As the world knows, this group made the country land- locked, granted land to Sudan,  promoted endless ethnic conflicts,  massacred people, tortured and sterilized innocents. This gang group executed these atrocities and treasons after designing and building effective weapons. These effective weapons were the slaves who now are pretending as emancipators and heroes.

The elites did not realize that trusting these slaves was trusting Yihuda although a few of us were trying to educate the public relentlessly. Yihuda served Satan betraying Christos that groomed him as disciple.  Similarly, these slaves served Legesses’s gang group betraying the people that cultivated them from cradle to adulthood.

Perhaps Yihuda was a better traitor than these slaves. Yihuda never hammered  nails to Christos’s extremities, nor did he tie rope around his neck to gratify Satan. But these slaves shot bullets and threw bombs to their mothers, fathers, brothers, and sisters in Amba Giorgies, Gondar, Debere-tabor, Bahirdar, Dangla, Bure, Debremarkos, Woldia, Magettie, Ambo, Wolega, and many other places to please their masters. Yihuda regretted and committed suicide, but these slaves showed no remorse and regrouped themselves to stay on their treasonous benches for the coming decades.

Seduced by the noble lie of addition, many elites officially boasted that they have added themselves to the false prophets. Although they claim they are educated and they always put titles at the end of their names, the elites  forgot the fundamental rule of addition, which asserts that numbers attached to different variables (coefficients) cannot be simply added. One cannot add 7x +7y. To add these numbers,  one has to change x into y OR y into x. Similarly, you cannot add 7criminals + 7innocents. To add these numbers,  you have to change either the criminals to innocents OR  the innocents to criminals.

However, you will never be able to change innocents into criminals even when you force them to admit crimes they have not committed. Similarly,  you will never be able to change criminals into innocents unless the criminals face justice AND demonstrate sincere repentance. In other words, the elites fail to understand that they could be unable to add  themselves to the bunch of EPRDF criminals as their  charlatan pastor seduced them with the noble lie of “addition” mantra.

It did not last for weeks since the former slaves of Leggesse re-ignited and aggressively implemented Legesses’s plan of “establishing a republic of nations and nationalities at the graves of Chauvinists and Neftegnas”. For the last four years, several fold people (mostly Amaras) are massacred more than the previous 27 years combined. The savagery of killing infants and pregnant women has become the norm under the rules of these noble liars.

Like any other society, the Ethiopian people believe the elites and follows their opinions. Unfortunately, the elites miserably failed to read the resumes of the noble liars and ignored the overwhelming crimes they committed, including mass massacre, ethnic cleansing and genocide. As a result, the elites have contributed to the intensified and never-ending Amara genocide.

Now, it is an overdue task for the elites to correct their terrible historic mistakes and hold the criminals accountable for facilitating and committing Amara genocide.  For the future, never stand or associate yourself with criminals to escape  the eternal generational curse of history since history will never erase their crimes even if they repent and start to live monastery lives. Thank you.

The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com

July 7, 2022.


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